Add Onetime Plan

There are three types of plans available on the spynPRO app:

  1. Subscription plan (E.g. Monthly plan)
  2. Trial plan
  3. One time plan (E.g. Registration fee)

A Onetime Plan is typically assigned for transactions that are made only once during the course.

Eg: Registration fee, Starter Kit

Add a Onetime Plan

  1. On the Home Page, under Quick Actions, click on the Plans menu to open the plan details page.
  2. Then, go on the One Time tab and click on + or ADD PLAN button.
  3. On the New Onetime Plan page, write a Plan Title. Eg: Membership Fee
  4. Next, enter the fee amount for this.
  5. Finally, click on ADD to save your plan.

Click here to add subscription plan and here to add trial plan.

Updated on January 16, 2022

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