Add Trial Plan


Trial Plan ex: free football demo etc

  • On Plans page, go to Trial tab
  • Click on + FAB (round button) to open New Plan page
  • Plan Title – Enter Plan title. Ex: Football Demo
  • Duration – Enter the duration of free trial that you are providing. Ex. 1 day
  • Fees – Being free, the amount is 0.
  • Visibility – Public plans are shown on your spyn webpage while Private ones are hidden. Ex. Discounted plan for talented kids can be kept private
  • Limited Sessions – If enabled, you can enter no. of sessions allowed to subscriber of the plan. Eg 10 sessions per plan duration
  • Note – you may enter your plan related instructions or notes in this section. The note is emailed to participants. Ex : Bring your own sports gear for demo.
Updated on June 11, 2019

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