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There are three types of plans available on the spynPRO app:

  1. Subscription plan (E.g. Monthly plan)
  2. Trial plan
  3. One time plan (E.g. Registration fee)

A Trial Plan is typically assigned for sessions to let clients experience a demo class before they decide to buy a subscription for it.

Add a Trial Plan

  1. On the Home Page, under Quick Actions, click on the Plans menu to open the plan details page.
  2. Then, go on the Trial tab and click on + or ADD PLAN button.
  3. On the New Trial Plan page, write a Plan Title. Eg: Badminton Demo Class
  4. Next, specify the Duration available for this plan. Eg. 10 Days/ 1 week /1 Month etc
  5. Enter the value for the fee charged for this plan.
  6. Restrict Start Date when clients book online by switching the toggle to restrict clients and set the start date as per your choice. Set the date according to the available options.
  7. Write instructions and notes about the plan under the Plan Information section. This note is emailed to clients . It will also be visible on spynCONNECT page for clients. Eg : Bring your own sports gear for demo.
  8. Click on the SAVE button to add the plan.

Click here to add a subscription plan and here to add a onetime plan.

Updated on January 16, 2022

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