Add Clients

Add clients to a plan and select classes they are to be allowed in that plan. A client of a plan can be allowed in multiple classes. And a client can be added to multiple plans as well.

  1. On the Home page, under Quick Actions, click on the + icon next to Clients.
  2. Firstly, enter the Name of the client you wish to add. You can also search for client profiles from the existing records using their name or email address. This will autofill their saved details from the record.
  3. Optionally, upload a Profile Photo. Ideal image resolution: 256px x 256px
  4. Select Gender.
  5. Enter the client’s Email address and Phone number if available.
  6. Under Subscription tab, mandatorily enter/update the following details:
    • Plan* from the list of active plans available.
    • 1 or more Classes * from the classes available under the selected plan.
    • Start Date * of subscription (The end date will be auto-set as per the duration of the plan).
  7. Optionally, enter the following details:
    • Level that you have added in Settings (eg. beginner/advanced etc.). If you select a level, only classes of that level will be shown.
    • One Time Plan (eg. registration fee/starter kit fee etc). Click here to know more about One time plan.
    • Discount applicable on the entire fee for the client either as a fixed amount or a percent value. You can set the discount to be applied on renewals or only for this time.
    • Referral code. If you have enabled offers, and the client being added has an offer code, enter it here to avail of offers.
  8. You can edit the following fields that are auto-filled
    • Invoice number. To configure invoice prefix and number, head over to Settings->Invoices.
    • End date. Ex. You may edit it if someone joins midway and you wish to maintain your monthly plan cycle. You will be given an option to apply pro-rata calculations if you edit it.
    • Sessions in case of limited-session plan. Like end date, if you edit no. of sessions to be assigned, you can apply pro-rata plan amount.
  9. Next, select the Payment Type (full/installment). If the selected plan has installments, they will be auto added here. You may change it.
  10. Under Basic Info tab, you can optionally enter the following details:
    • Date of Birth, Alternate contact number, Residential address, Roll number, School, Grade etc
    • You can also Upload Files (max 3) up to 2 MB each (doc, pdf, jpg, png) Eg. Address Proof, Certificates, etc
    • You can add custom fields like Height, Weight, T-shirt size etc. Head over to Settings to add them.
  11. In the next tab, you can add Guardian details (Name, Relation with Client, Gender, Contact etc). The guardians added can also create their account and sign up on spyn CONNECT app to view subscription details.
  12. Add Tax Details of your client, if applicable
  13. Thereafter, toggle to send the write off to the client if Payment Received.
  14. Click on ADD to save the client details.

On adding a new client, a welcome email is sent to them.

For clients to download and use the spyn CONNECT mobile app, a download URL ( and verification code is sent to them. They need to enter the code in the app to start viewing their plan, transaction, messages, and performance report.

For Desktop, they can open the CONNECT page and enter the code to create their account.

Updated on November 17, 2021

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