Here’s a sample of the invoice your subscriber will receive.

The Invoice will be labelled as TAX INVOICE if taxes are enabled.
If taxes are not enabled, it will be simply labelled as INVOICE and the tax related fields will not be visible.

1.Logo – Can be uploaded in Settings

2. Company name & Address

3. Tax Number

To add Tax Number and label

  • Go to Settings, click on “Tax Settings”
  • Enter “Tax ID Name”. eg. GST
  • Enter your “Tax ID no.”
  • Click on Save

4. Date – It is the starting date of the subscription plan.

5.Invoice No – Automatically generated.

6. Plan Details – It lists the subscription plan for that date and one-time plan, if any associated with the subscription plan.

7. Tax – Taxes, if entered, will be shown here. The plan amount entered is always with taxes, if any.

To apply Tax

  • Go to Settings and select “Tax Settings”
  • Click on “ADD TAX”
  • Enter the details
    1. Tax Name – Enter the name of the tax applicable. ex: CGST
    2. Percentage – Enter the tax percentage applicable
    3. With effect from date – Enter the date from which the tax will be applicable. Billing prior to that will not have that tax.
    4. Upto Date – Enter the date upto which the tax will be applicable
  • Click on “Save”


Updated on May 10, 2019

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