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Add System User

Add your colleagues as system users to spyn PRO and enable access as per their role.

  • Role
    • Owner – Gets full access including access to adding other users.
    • Manager – Allows option to set No access, View only access or Full access for each feature like Pending Transactions, Enquiries etc.
  • Name*
  • Mobile Number*
  • Email*
  • User access rights – You can give user access to particular center(s) and for particular skill(s) or all centers and skills
  • Against each feature, you can set their access as No access, View only access (not available for all features) and Full access
  • Show Charts – Enable if you wish your manager to view graphs of your dashboard.
  • Can Post – Enable if you wish to allow them to post

A system user will only be able to download details of the features he have been given access to. He can not add a new system user nor can overwrite his rights to the app.

Updated on May 13, 2019

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