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AcademyPRO is an app suite by spyn which can be used by hobby and sports academies & classes, gyms and fitness studios to manage their subscriptions.

It is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on web, Android & iOS.
It comes bundled with 2 apps
1. PRO app for you and your staff
2. CONNECT app for your clients

In this topic, we have covered steps on how to
1. Start your free trial (no credit card needed)
2. Setup your account
3. Add plan &
4. Add class

To try AcademyPRO for free, visit https://pro.spyn.co/academy  


1. Get Paid in time

Send auto reminders with payment link. Make it super easy for parents to pay. Upon payment receipt, send invoice automatically.

2. Track Payments

View list of payments made and pending of your students/subscribers with details

3. Mark Student Attendance

Send notifications via email/app notifications to students/parents when absent

4. Manage Enquiries

Log enquiries you get. Set follow up reminders so that you don’t miss out on calling them. Grow your academy.

5. Video Library and Live Streaming

Add videos for your subscribers to easily access them

6. Performance Report

Easily create performance reports of students with marks, remarks & images. Delight your students

7. Messaging

 Easily send updates/offers to subscribers and enquirers via SMS, email & app notifications. Schedule messages and use message templates to become super efficient.

8. Staff Attendance

Staff can check in and out with location for easy tracking

9. Staff Expenses

Your colleagues and you can add income & expenses on the go with notes & receipt image. Owners can approve or reject them. And view expenses & income userwise

10. Staff Schedule

At a glance, view schedule of classes for the entire month with assigned coaches’ name and stats like total hours, sessions and days.
Filter coach-wise to view their availability along with total hours, sessions and days they are working.

11. Business Reports

To get a business overview, view key indicators like active members, renewals, pending payments, new enquiries.

12. Online Registration

Your prospects can open your registration page to select their desired class, plan, start date and make payment online.

13. CONNECT App for your clients

for them to reserve classes, view their subscription details, payment history, attendance, performance report and receive instant notifications.

14. Share Posts

Upload images and keep your clients up-to-date by posting in the app. Build your community!

15. Class Reservation

Your clients can easily book a class from anywhere using our CONNECT app.

16. Chat

Answer their questions, discuss performance and more.

17. Refer & Win

Grow your business by word of mouth marketing. Ask your students to share their unique coupon code with their friends. Offer them a reward when their friend joins.

18. Class Syllabus

Share class syllabus with your students via email and in app.

19. User Access Control

Customize access to features and reports for your system users.

20. Download data in excel ……& more

  1. Academy PRO
  2. Download Android and IOS app
  3. Configure Settings
  4. Add System Users
  5. Create your own Website

Updated on November 6, 2020

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