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Hi! spyn PRO is the easiest way for you and your team to manage your academy professionally. This quick start article will help you learn the basics so you can get going.

You and your team members can manage academy by adding classes, plans, subscribers, attendance, payments and enquiries. You can grow your business by generating lead from the webpage created on spyn.co.
Click here to setup your spyn PRO academy by following the 2 steps below

1. Create spyn account

You need a spyn account to setup your academy. Enter your name, mobile number and password. Your mobile number and email will not be shared with other spyn users.

If you already have a spyn account, click on LOGIN button

2. Enter Academy details

Enter name and contact details of your academy. These contact details will be visible on spyn website to public.

Select Country, Timezone and Currency.

3. Get started by adding following details

i. Add Class
  •  Class Title – Enter class name. Ex: Morning 7am Class
  • Skill – Add one or more skills/hobbies whose classes you conduct. You can select from the list shown
  •  Add Center – Add the details for your center where you conduct your classes.
  • Class Timing – Add the class timings. You can copy the class time if it is similar on other days.
  • Click on ADD.

Once the class is created you can add more classes or skip and add them at a later stage.

ii. Add Plan
  • Plan – Enter plan title. Ex: Monthly Plan.
  • Plan Duration – select plan duration and enter the plan duration.Ex : Monthly
  • Plan Fees – Enter the plan fees.
  • Limited Sessions – Maximum number of sessions a student is allowed to attend
  • Click on ADD

Once the plan is created you can add more plans or skip and add them at a later stage.

iii. Assign Plan

You can assign multiple plans to a class. Ex :  Monthly, quarterly and yearly plan for Morning 7am class

  •  Click on “ASSIGN PLAN”
  • Select Plans you would like to assign to a Class and click on “ASSIGN”.
iv. Add Subscriber
  • Enter Name and select Gender.
  • Select the appropriate Class and Plan.
  • Enter Start Date
  • Enter mobile number and email address, all communications will be sent to these
  • Under More Details, you can add Birthday, Address etc.
  • Click on ADD

Once the subscriber is added you can add more subscribers or skip and add them at a later stage.

You have successfully setup your academy.

  1. Academy PRO
  2. Download Android and IOS app
  3. Configure Settings
  4. Add System Users
  5. Create your own Website
Updated on May 10, 2019

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