Add Enquiry

Add enquiries received via phone, email, spyn webpage or walk-ins. Add follow-up reminder time, call log and other details for future reference. Ask your colleagues to follow the same and see your business grow.


  • Go to Home, click on + icon next to enquiry
  • Enter their details – Name, Skill, Mobile, Email and Center they have shown interest in
  • Interest level – Choose from ‘Interested’ and ‘Not interested’ based on your conversation so that you may follow-up accordingly
  • Follow Up – Enter time on which to follow up with them. Follow up reminders are shown on spyn PRO Home page so that you don’t miss them.
  • Note – Mention specific requirements or comments etc. of the clients.
  • Click on ADD

Once an enquiry is added, you may add comments on the enquiry details page every time you follow up with the enquirer so that all system users are aware of the context.


Updated on June 4, 2019

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