Create Event

To create an event

  • Go to home and click on “Events”
  • Click on “+” sign to create a new event
  • Enter the details:
  1. Title – The name for your event ex: Football fiesta
  2. Skill –  Select the sports the event is organised for
  3. Venue – Location of the event
  4. Star & End Date – Mention the start and end date of the event
  5. Start & End Time – Mention the time the event will start and and
  6. Last Date to register : Enter the last date for registering for event along with time
  7. Organised by : Select the name of the organiser. If not in the list, add him as a system user.
  8. Details : Add details related to the event ex : The tournament is organised by Ultra sports Inida. etc
  9. Terms & Conditions : Mention the rules and conditions of the tournament here. ex: double entries not allowed.
  • Click on Next
  • Click on “Add New Ticket” to add category or select from the list of categories
  • If you wish to add new category :


  1. Title – Enter category name as Singles, doubl;es  ex : Men’s singles
  2. Amount – Enter the price for booking in thios category
  3. Description – Enter the important details related to the category. ex: player should bring his kit for the event
  4. Click on “Create”

Once the tickets are created, select the tickets and click on ” Assign”. The event then can be published on the spyn social webpage. Also you can unpublish it  qand it will be saved in drafts which can be published at a later stage

Updated on December 2, 2019

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